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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Business Internet solutions are shared within the local loop.  The bandwidth available to each user on a shared internet service fluctuates based on total usage from end-users within the local loop.  Shared internet typically has an up-time rating of 99%, equal 87.6 hours of downtime per year.

Shared internet is perfectly suitable for many businesses, however, for those whose profitability or reputation depends solely on their ability to remain connected, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) may be a steadfast requirement.

DIA is not shared, which is why most carriers offer a Service Level Agreement for guaranteed up-time, bandwidth, and throughput.  Because this line is built from the vendor plant to the end-user premises, construction may be required, extending the lead-time to 30-90 days.  DIA has the highest speed capacity and is the most stable and reliable internet solution available to businesses.  DIA has an up-time rating of 99.9%, equal to 8.7 hours of downtime per year.

Have you considered:

It is sometimes less expensive to have a second internet service for redundancy purposes, rather than make the jump to DIA.  Let us help you compare and save!

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